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Jaya Prada

With your good wishes, IFocus mission is celebrating its 8th anniversary


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Advanced Workshops
I Focus Mission members become its integral part by joining any one of initial workshops meant for  Youth batch/ Brigadier batch/ Premiere batch and undergo a highly personalised, interactive and fundamental leadership programme.
Age old "Guru Parampara" is taken forward with due  emphasis on mutual learning, management techniques and focusing on greater observation. These members are passionate about “Bhaarateeyata: Indian culture and ethos” and strongly believe in “Samagrata: One for all – All for one”, “Samardhata: Competency” philosophy through a unique open learning platform. Mission members recorded remarkable entrepreneurial, professional success and reported many instances of “successful turnarounds” in various aspects of life.
Everybody firmly believes 'productivity is never an accident' and can be realised only with commitment, sincerity and sensibility. Members keep motivating one another and the mission at large by periodic get to-gathers on weekends and special events.

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